The Economics of Writing

I made eight short story sales in 2014 at pro and semi-pro rates. Not all the stories are published/paid yet, but last I checked, I made around USD 1100. Riches!

What? Not enough to live on, you say? Well, it’s USD 1100 more than I’ve ever earned with my writing in any previous year. Besides, it’s all a matter of perspective. If I double my sales and move to the lowest cost-of-living country on the planet (India) I could technically survive. I couldn’t afford the big cities, of course, but I could live (very frugally) in a small town or village. Doubling my sales will not be a problem – divested of my day job, and dependent on writing for my food, I am sure to be motivated to write. A lot. Maybe about food. OHI0115-FrogPrinceEditor-v3-600

Now all I need is a kickstarter to fund my move. Of course, if the CAD keeps plummeting, I will automatically get richer, since all my sales were in USD!

Seriously, all thanks to the lovely editors who’ve liked my work enough to accept/publish it. In no particular order, thanks to D.F. McCourt (AE), Rachel Halpern (Inscription), Jacob Haddon (LampLight), Wendy S. Delmater and Tonya Liburd (Abyss & Apex), Carrie Cuinn (Lakeside Circus), August and Amanda (The Novel Fox) and Sigrid Ellis and Jason Sizemore (Apex). All good wishes for a wonderful, productive and story-filled 2015.


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5 Responses to The Economics of Writing

  1. Linda Abbott says:

    I’ve read some of your stories and enjoyed them very much. Do you only write short stories or have you ventured into novel writing?


    • Thanks Linda. Yes, I have written a novel, which is in submission. It’s a long, hard wait to be traditionally published, and meanwhile, I am happy to be writing short fiction! You can experiment so much with the short form.


  2. Widdershins says:

    Awesome!!!! ** waves arms like Kermit ** … 😀


  3. bean-writer says:

    Rati, eight stories sold in one year is amazing. And $1100 really IS riches in the short fiction economy!


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