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Writing Romance in Newfoundland: Interview With Victoria Barbour

Despite the fog, the forbidding crags, the marshes and the stormy Atlantic – or perhaps because of all these things – Newfoundland is an amazingly romantic place. The perfect setting for Victoria Barbour’s light-hearted and enjoyable romance novel: Against Her … Continue reading

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Black holes, wormholes and time travel

It’s cold and rainy and foggy, not a bit what summer should look like. Perfect day for seeing a video on quasars, black holes and galaxy formation! One word: awesome. Did you know: A black hole is not empty space. It’s a … Continue reading

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What Cugel the not-so-Clever teaches us about character

Jack Vance died on 26th May in California aged 96. Enough has been said on the blogosphere about this amazing genius of a writer who wrote over 60 genre fiction books, and I’m not going to repeat it, except to … Continue reading

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