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Humans good, aliens better

Yesterday I picked up this incredible book titled “First Contact: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” edited by Ben Bova and Byron Preiss. Okay, it’s a bit dated at 1990, but still worth a read, with articles by Isaac Asimov, Frank Drake, … Continue reading

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The Columbia mission: Dreams, life and the magic of hard work

A few days ago I visited the Seattle Museum of Flight. Just outside the museum, I paused, and there was this moment that made the entire trip west worthwhile – the ghastly little propeller plane from Calgary, the nauseating three … Continue reading

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Moose, trains and icebergs: Traveling in Newfoundland

Some are born car-less, some achieve car-lessness and some have car-lessness thrust upon them. I am a proud combo of all three. I don’t drive (Canada is the first country I’ve ever felt the need to). I’ll take buses, walk, … Continue reading

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