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Particle Fever

If you haven’t seen Particle Fever, I highly recommend it. It’s a 99 minute documentary on CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and the physicists behind the search for the elusive ‘God Particle’ – the Higgs Boson. And no, the documentary is not just … Continue reading

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What’s the best thing about going to Orlando, Florida? (Apart from the fact that its actually warm and sunny, not a ridiculous -25 C in mid-March). That would be the Kennedy Space Center. This is the closest a mere mortal can … Continue reading

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Emails from the future, Part 2

There’s work to be done, dishes to be washed, taxes to be filed, serious stories to be revised. But right now I don’t feel like being serious. Right now I am thinking of pink tentacles, elegant suckers, and what dating fraud in the future … Continue reading

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