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In the Ruins of the Residency

This winter, I returned after a gap of some years to visit my old hometown Lucknow: the capital of the most populous and tumultuous state of India, Uttar Pradesh. There were parts that looked utterly different – enormous, walled-off parks with stern statues, bright … Continue reading

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Biking (and writing) on the P’tit train du Nord

I have always bemoaned the slow, inexorable vanishing of Canadian trains. Steam-powered railways were integral to the building of Canada as a nation. Trains were the arteries connecting the heart of our country with its limbs, opening settlement in the west. But … Continue reading

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Beautiful Puerto Rico

I went to Puerto Rico in May: the shoulder season, between the cruise ships and the hurricanes. The best time to go, even though I got drenched a couple of times and it was perishingly hot in the sun. Walk … Continue reading

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Notes from Yellowknife

I’ve learned a lot in my visit to Yellowknife, capital of the Northwest Territories and home to two-thirds of its people. For instance, I’ve learned that the the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, are a result of solar wind … Continue reading

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Between Two Rivers, a Hidden Place

Between the Betwa and the Jamnia Rivers in Madhya Pradesh, is a small strip of land called Orchha, or the ‘Hidden Place’. Legend has it that the Bundela chief Rudra Pratap Singh set off in search of a new capital, and … Continue reading

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Temples, trees and turmeric: Notes from Delhi

I’m in Delhi, which is having its coldest December days in eleven years. Lots of fog and smog. On the streets, at dusk, small fires cast a bit of light and warmth and a lot of smoke. Folks burn whatever they can … Continue reading

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Starry and stormy nights at CAO

Just spent a fantastic weekend at CAO, the Carr Astronomical Observatory two hours north of Toronto, near Thornbury, Ontario. Any RASC member can avail of the wonderful dark sky facilities at CAO, but every July CAO holds its annual Star-B-Q, … Continue reading

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