The Pillar of Shiva – now live at Triptych Tales

the_pillar_of_shivaI’m pleased to report that my short story The Pillar of Shiva is now live at Triptych Tales. This is one of my favorite stories, and I am glad it has found a home. It also has a lovely illustration – go check it out! It’s absolutely free to read, as are the other stories.

This story was critiqued through Critters – many thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me polish it up for its eventual sale. Oddly, one of the critiques I received for this story was for the sheer unbelievability of the scene at the railway station – the man repeatedly hitting the child, and no one intervening. Sadly this is a scene I witnessed myself many years ago at an Indian railway station, as a teenager. My story is inspired by that memory. I have never forgotten that child, or my own guilt in not intervening. The main character of my story does what I did not do, and for that I love him.

Many thanks to the editors of Triptych Tales for publishing this story and to Wendy Quirt for the illustration. Do check out their site for other great stories too. And if you’re wondering why they call themselves ‘Triptych’, then here is an explanation.

ETA: Sadly, this magazine appears to be defunct.

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    Love the story!


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