Monsters and Adventures and Tropes, oh my (Part 1)

The last official weekend of summer! Already the light has changed. Couldn’t we have been eased into this, sort of? I’d like a long, sunny Autumn, please. I’d ask for a delayed and mild winter, but that would just be bad climate-changey wishing on my part, so I won’t. Now for an update on three exciting projects that I am very proud to be part of:

Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories
Edited by Kelsi Morris and Kaitlin Tremblay, and published by Exile Editions, this anthology releases on November 1st, 2016, and is available for pre-order now. My story, titled ‘Vetala’, is about a stalker-ish spirit that follows the protagonist from India to Canada. And it’s about the Bhagavad Gita. And also about Canadian trains, because I love Canadian trains, and it’s absolutely horrifying to me, how they’re slowly disappearing.

Here is the blurb for this anthology:
What resides beneath the blankets of snow, under the ripples of water, within the whispers of the wind, and between the husks of trees all across Canada? Creatures, myths and monsters are everywhere…even if we don’t always see them. This is a unique and powerful collection of all-new, cross-genre tales that take the reader into real and imagined worlds, ranging from an encounter with the Metis creature Rugaru to trolls dissatisfied with modern life, to the demons who follow us from our parents’ countries, and to Anishinaabe myths about the creation of creeks. Eighteen emerging and award-winning authors explore the way we think about and interact with the unnatural – showing how much the stories we create can teach us about what it means to be human.

Not convinced? Check out the fantastic and creepy cover below.


There will be a Toronto launch of Those Who Make Us some time in November, and hopefully I will be able to attend. Will post dates when I have them.

I was going to write about all three of my exciting anthology projects in one post, but that doesn’t seem fair somehow, and besides the post would be too long. So look out for Part 2 soon!

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