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A (hopefully) exciting weekend coming up! I will be SFContario, Toronto’s annual SF/F convention. The full schedule is here. I will be reading from my upcoming book Markswoman on Saturday afternoon, and I will have (yay!) bookmarks to give away. I’ve never traveled for conventions (though that may change next year) so this is my annual opportunity to geek out with like-minded folk about aliens, magic, books, and science-y stuff.

This is my schedule, and it looks like a busy and fun Saturday. I get to talk about editors (I have so many positive experiences to share here), about science in fantasy and vice-versa (hey, I wrote a sci fi / fantasy blend; it’s my favorite genre mash!) and about Harry Potter (my favorite series ever. Love Harry.)

Editors Are Not the Enemy
Saturday 11 AM; Parkview
Editors and Author-editors discuss the role of editors and authors as partners in the creative process, how to identify a good editor, why you need an editor, and more.

Fantasy and Science
Saturday 12 PM; Solarium
What can the scientific method lend to fantasy? Does the presence of gods and magic exclude the need for science? Whether it leads to technology, or just a scientific understanding of the setting and magic, what can the practice of science add to fantasy?

Reading: Rati Mehrotra
Saturday 2:30 PM (30 minutes), Parkview

It Was (just a little more than) 20 Years Ago Today
Saturday 7 PM; Parkview
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published on June 27, 1997 changing the face of children’s. Let’s talk about the effect the Harry Potter series has had on our genre.

Come along and join us if you’re free this weekend, and anything in the program takes your fancy!

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