April Blues (Def. not greens…)

April, and it’s been snowing. I know, I know – a long cold winter is only to be expected at these latitudes. Jet streams abound, polar air hangs around the city, and even  in April, when one perks up and starts expecting tulips and daffodils, one gets freezing temperatures instead. And snow. I was in the park the other day, because it was ‘partly sunny’, which meant that it clouded up as soon as I got there. Not a trace of tulips. Just cold gray everything. And freezing wind. Whine.

Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be a rant about the weather which, I suppose, can’t help itself. I’ve been reading (a lot!) and writing (a bit less). I’m re-reading my favorite Discworld books from the beginning, which is always comforting. Just finished Wyrd Sisters which is a hilarious parody of Macbeth, and now on Guards! Guards! which is the first City Watch book.

On that note, I wrote an Unbound World Cage Match between the Discworld’s Librarian and the ghastly Cthulhu. The Librarian won, of course. Before this, I’d never read any of Lovecraft’s work. I’m glad of that. I read The Call of Cthulhu as part of my research for writing this match, and shuddered through it. Such racist, bigoted writing. That, I think, is the true horror of his work.

I completed my edits for the middle-grade fantasy I’ve been working on, and it’s now in submission! This book was written for my children and is dear to my heart. It has magical buses, some rather lively trees, and maybe even a dragon or two. Fingers crossed it finds a good home.

I’m now working on – okay, working is a bit of a stretch, more thinking about – a new project: a contemporary urban fantasy set in Toronto. I don’t think I will actually get my teeth into it until Book 2 of Asiana is done to my satisfaction. Which reminds me, I have an update on that. Book 2 has a name and date of release! Mahimata will be released on 5 March, 2019. Can’t wait to share!

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  1. Widdershins says:

    We actually got to see the sun for about 15 minutes yesterday … I think that might’ve been our allotment for the week though. I dashed out and stood with my eyes closed facing it, just to jog my memory of what sun-warmth actually felt like … then I got rained on … le sigh.


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