Cover Reveal of MAHIMATA, sequel to MARKSWOMAN

I’ve been waiting to share the gorgeous cover of MAHIMATA, the sequel to  MARKSWOMAN! Just look at it – isn’t it beautiful? I honestly thought I could never love a cover as much as I did Markswoman’s, but then my editor sent me this one, and I just swooned. I have a little write-up about the cover and how I feel up at the Harper Voyager blog today – you can check it out here.

The inverted blade encircled by a ring of fire is the symbol of the Order of Kali – but on this cover, it is so much more. The world will go up in flames, it seems to be saying…

With many thanks to my editor Priyanka Krishnan, designer Damonza, art director Jeanne Reina, and the team at Harper Voyager for creating the perfect visual representation of the world of Asiana. Can’t wait to hold this book in my hands!

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