Sunny Pictures for Cold Times

Happy New Year 2019, everyone! I just returned to frigid Toronto after a warm and colorful visit to my hometown, Lucknow where the food was great, the sun bright, the air polluted, and the traffic crazy. I’ll just leave these pictures here, okay? It warms me to look at them, especially as the temperature in Toronto dipped to ridiculous extremes this weekend: a feel of -35 C with the wind chill. Well, here is some sunshine, street food, and the odd buffalo. Enjoy! 

The Lucknow Mela, or Fair

Dragon train ride!

Stalls selling street food. Golgappas are my favorite!

Noodles drying. Desi chowmien is very tasty.

There are about 15 varieties of snacks here.

More spicy snack options.

Mithai galore!

Western sweets can also be found…

But I like chaat best: samosas, tikkis, golgappas and more.

See the fire for roasting the khakhras?

Chinhat pottery, so pretty. Wish they were not so heavy to carry.

At the Ambedkar park, which is full of these stone elephants, all in the exact same pose.

The Indian tricolour in Janeshwar Mishra Park.

Just outside the park, buffalos stroll on the MAIN ROAD. You can imagine the smaller streets…

Last and most beautiful: the Parijaat or Baobab tree is considered sacred in India.

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