CAN-CON 2019 Schedule

The schedule is in! This will be my second year attending Can-Con – The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature in Ottawa. I had a great time last year and am looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones this year. While registration is now closed, I recommend putting this convention in your calendar for next time, if you can possibly make it. It is very well organized and the content is varied and interesting, for both writers and readers of science fiction and fantasy.

Here is my schedule for this year. I hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 19

10:00am, Salon F
Hijacking YA
Crossover appeal aside, most YA fiction is written primarily with young adults in mind – but is that changing? Within an already ambiguously defined genre, how might the interest of adult readers in YA affect the genre? Is there enough of a readership to motivate authors or publishers to create YA aimed at adults, and what are the ethics of adult-aimed fiction occupying a space nominally dedicated to teens? Is it ultimately necessary to draw a line between the two, or is this transformation all part of YA’s very own coming-of-age story?

1:00pm, Salon C
What Professional Agencies Can Do For You
Odds are you’ve heard of groups like SFWA, Codex, RWA and more. But what do these organizations actually do? Why might you want to join? And if you’re already in, how do you navigate the huge amount of information you have access to?

3:00pm, Salon B
Works in Progress Readings
Want a glimpse into what one of your favorite authors is working on? Sit in for a brief glimpse into these authors’ upcoming publications, with time at the end for a brief Q&A.

Sunday, October 20

10:00am, Salon D
The Stories You Love – Now With Diversity!
Retellings of myths, fairy tales, and public domain works are always popular, but they can get tedious if they’re told the same way every time. Genderbending and racebending are two ways we can reimagine familiar stories through a more diverse lens. What opportunities are there in retelling old stories with a greater variety of people – and what dangers? How does the story change, and how do we as readers change with it?

12:00pm, Salon F
PodCastle Live: Now With Foley Effects!
More than a live reading, join a fabulous voice cast as they bring one of PodCastle’s fantasy stories to life. Complete with live foley effects!

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