Black Wings, White Kheer

Story day! Very pleased to announce that my story Black Wings, White Kheer about magic, food, and family has been published at PodCastle, one of my favorite venues, and is now available to read or listen online. This is a story-of-my-heart featuring an immigrant woman (who is not only human), a magical recipe, a clueless husband, their sweet kids, a horrid monster, and…wings. Yes, there is a recipe for kheer, one of my beloved childhood desserts. Food often makes its way into my writing, but this is my most foodie story yet. I hope you enjoy it! Especially the amazing narration by Suna Dasi!


PS – yes, I know it’s a while since I’ve posted. Trust me, I’ve been working on my book. Much of the time, there is nothing to report, but a lot goes on behind the scenes before a book can be published. I just finished my copy edits for Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove and have seen a rough sketch of the map from the map designer. It is going to be beautiful. 🙂

PPS – I’ve also been working on my next book, a medieval fantasy based in the Gujarat Sultanate. On the plus side, I have a complete draft! On the minus side, I hate it. This means hefty revisions, sigh. 😦 

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    Congratulations on your writerly busy-ness. 😀

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