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Hellloooo! Just posting my latest writerly news. Two months shy of the release of Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove, I have two trade reviews, a lovely book animation, and pre-order campaign info to share. And two new story sales! Also some lovely seekrit things I can’t share yet.

The first trade review of my book is a great one from Kirkus. Quote:
Mehrotra smoothly incorporates worldbuilding into the atmospheric narrative, highlighting themes of family and justice with a timeless blend of adventure, mystery, and romance. A satisfying stand-alone with classic appeal.

The second trade review is from Publishers’ Weekly. Quote:
Katyani’s bold, vivacious personality and a swoony enemies-to-lovers romance imbue this tense, action-packed narrative with wry humor.

Swoony enemies-to-lovers romance? I’ll take it! It’s more like hostile antagonists – swoony lovers – what the heck are we anyway – friends maybe? – nope, enemies – kisskiss swoony lovers. 🙂

Have I hooked you yet? You can pre-order my book here. And keep your receipts, because there will be pre-order goodies! I have seen some very pretty things. Campaign to be announced on 31st August. Watch this space!

In non-book writerly news, I have two new short story sales.

Girl, Cat, Wolf, Moon has been sold to Uncanny Magazine, one of all-time favorite markets for gorgeous fantasy fiction. Inspired by a real-life supernatural-seeming incident from 1980s rural India, my story features cats, monsters, alternate worlds, and a girl who is more than what she seems.

Amma’s Kitchen has been sold to The Deadlands, one of my favorite new markets. This story is about an afterlife diner and the ‘ferrywoman’ figure who runs it. It features delicious food, plenty of dead customers, and, of course, the god of death. Also a frog and a cat, because why not. This story is very dear to me, because I started it in 2020 and then – everything happened – and I just stopped halfway through. I thought I’d never finish it. But, two months ago, I did. I can still write and finish stuff!

In already-published news, my science fiction flash The Disappearing Dream Engineer has been published in the August issue of Lightspeed Magazine. It will be available online, free to read, on 25th August. Have you ever wanted to escape the unpleasant bits of your life? The Disappearing Dream Engineer does just that!

That’s it from me. I leave you with this beautiful animation from the Wednesday Books design team. Enjoy!

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