Girl, Cat, Wolf, Moon

Issue-48-Cover-340x510Story day! It’s always lovely to be able to share a new story with the world, especially now, when I write so little short fiction. I am delighted to announce that my story Girl, Cat, Wolf, Moon is now live at Uncanny Magazine, one of my favorite markets! This is a story about hope and transformation. There are cats, monsters, magic, hidden worlds, grisly murders, a rather special girl, and did I mention cats? Yes, cats often work their way into my fiction. They’re clever like that. Also cute and mysterious. Just perfect for fantasy tales! Cat fairy tales are some of my favorite kind, and this time, I’ve written one of my own.

In fact, I was thinking about it, and I now have quite a few stories that feature cats. Besides my latest (and longest), there’s Magnificent Maurice, or the Flowers of Immortality in Lightspeed Magazine, Hackers’ Faire in Cast of Wonders, and the little sci fi flash This is not what I wanted for my birthday in AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review – my first publication ever. (Both of the latter two feature robotic cats, but still!) I even wrote a whole entire adult fantasy book featuring a cat, which remains sadly unsold, but maybe I should take out my very own cat fiction collection at some point.

Back to my latest story, it was loosely inspired by a real-life supernatural seeming incident from 1980s rural India. Would you like to know more? Check out my interview with Caroline M. Yoachim. And let me know if you enjoy the story!

ETA: I just realized that my latest sci fi flash The Disappearing Dream Engineer in Lightspeed Magazine also features a cat in a stellar supporting role. (PS – To anyone who is worried, Sooty is well taken care of. Reema makes sure to leave instructions. And Dean might be a terrible husband, but he does love cats.)

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