Story Day! Amma’s Kitchen in The Deadlands

Story days are happy days! I am delighted to share my latest publication, a short story about food, death, the afterlife, and one very special frog: Amma’s Kitchen in The Deadlands, Issue 22. I love the fiction and poetry published by this magazine and am so happy to have placed my work there. I can’t think of a better home for this story, which is my very own take on the folkloric ferryman/woman who ferries souls in the afterlife. The story is free to read online.


The Deadlands is a monthly speculative fiction magazine, exploring all aspects of Death and the borders it shares with the living. You can get their monthly issues delivered for free to your inbox by subscribing here. The subject matter is not universally grim, as you will know if you read my story! There is a variation in tones, approaches, and styles that really appeals to me. Death is complex, after all. We all make sense of it in our different ways in order to mitigate the existential anxiety that results from a clash in our desire to live and the awareness that we will die.

On that cheerful note, have a good weekend!

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Science fiction and fantasy writer. I blog at: Thanks for dropping by!
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