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Whale Watching and Puffin Love in Newfoundland

I just returned from a week-long trip to Newfoundland. My favorite province! You know what that means, right? I am going to inflict you with pictures. But first, a bit of news. While there, I found out that my story … Continue reading

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Moose, trains and icebergs: Traveling in Newfoundland

Some are born car-less, some achieve car-lessness and some have car-lessness thrust upon them. I am a proud combo of all three. I don’t drive (Canada is the first country I’ve ever felt the need to). I’ll take buses, walk, … Continue reading

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Writing Romance in Newfoundland: Interview With Victoria Barbour

Despite the fog, the forbidding crags, the marshes and the stormy Atlantic – or perhaps because of all these things – Newfoundland is an amazingly romantic place. The perfect setting for Victoria Barbour’s light-hearted and enjoyable romance novel: Against Her … Continue reading

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