Emails from the future, Part 2

squid-cartoon-lrThere’s work to be done, dishes to be washed, taxes to be filed, serious stories to be revised. But right now I don’t feel like being serious. Right now I am thinking of pink tentacles, elegant suckers, and what dating fraud in the future might look like. A tad more interesting than it does today, I suspect…

Hi my new friend,

I know you will be astonished to get my letter. I want you to know that I have only good intentions and have not any secrets. The thing is that I will work in your planet for six months or so and I would like to meet a nice Earthman to fall in love or just be closest friends. I don’t want to live underwater in Europa any more. All anyone thinks about here is chemosynthesis.

I am in contact with a Jovian immigration agency and they will help me with visa and travel documents, although I still need money for my ticket. 🙂 Anyway, my plan is to do some simple job till I improve my English and grow some limbs. I can choose any town of your area, so you may please suggest me.

My best friend last year met a man from Canada when she worked there for six months, too. She had two jobs. From morning till 4 pm she worked in an underwater park and after it she worked as a showgirl in a Spacers’ bar till midnight.

She was very tired of course but made very good money. It is special program for young Jovians who want to work on Earth and I think it is the right way for me. I am lost here, and I think that I am smart and pretty enough to find a better place. It is my chance to meet a nice human and work in any nice country on Earth. I am full of plans and dreams and I want to share my life with good man because I’m also full of love and tenderness.

I know that I am not so beautiful like the human women in movies but I do hope to meet my Earthman and I am sure he will be not be disappoined to meet me in the real life!

I will leave Europa in two weeks or so (I can’t tell you everything exactly right now) and I would like to be sure that I have the right man who waits for me on Earth. I will work all day and I want to find a man to spend all free time together to get to know each other better. If you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet you too. I will tell you all details about me and my life if you like my picture and want to meet me! Please send picture of you too!!!

I await your letter with bated breath.
Kiss you, Marinella (this is my name)!
PS here is my pic
I hope you will like.
I hope you will answer
Kiss, Marinella

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3 Responses to Emails from the future, Part 2

  1. Joseph D. Stirling says:

    I love it. 🙂 Great stuff, Rati! Again I have to say, brilliant idea with the ‘Emails from the Future!’


  2. Matt Fluger says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. And I wonder if emails from the future might actually look or sound like this someday – it’s a bit scary!


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