Two short story sales to Exile anthologies

Now that the TOCs are live, I am happy to report that I have stories upcoming in the next two Exile anthologies.

Chaya and Loony-Boy will be published in The Playground of Lost Toys edited by Ursula Pflug and Colleen Anderson. It is scheduled to come out in November 2015. You can view the Table of Contents here. I am really looking forward to reading this collection. The whole concept is so unusual and striking – speculative fiction about a toy that was ‘lost’ in some way. My story is about a ten-year-old and her magical doll – yes, I’m one of the many who submitted a ‘doll story’ to the editors! Happily, it was accepted.

Komagata Maru will be published in Clockwork Canada edited by Dominik Parisien and scheduled for April 2016. The Table of Contents is hosted here. I wrote this story in two days – a record for me – after reading about the 1914 incident in which the Canadian government turned away a shipload of immigrants from Punjab – part of their exclusion laws to keep out immigrants of Asian origin. Some of those men were shot by the British on their return to India, others were imprisoned. So what did I do with this story, which still resonates today? I steampunked it and changed the ending, closer to my own heart.

I am so looking forward to reading both these anthologies! Meanwhile, Exile has announced a new anthology, Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth and Monster stories. Sounds like fun! Submissions are open until 30 November, so you have lots of time, if you are inspired by the theme.

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