The Green Woman, or the Day Mat Feeley Became Famous

Story day! My Newfoundland-inspired flash fiction story is now live at the Saturday Night Reader. You can read it here.

I spent a year in St John’s, the capital of what I consider the most beautiful province in Canada. I often climbed Signal Hill, which overlooks the city and the harbour, giving fantastic views. It’s windy up there, and you often get ‘weather’, but it’s a great climb, and there are several hiking paths. And yeah, once I was climbing up there and thinking about aliens. And about skin. This is the story that popped out.

Saturday Night Reader (SNR) is a flash fiction magazine published out of Ottawa, Ontario. The stories are free to read online – ideal for your commute, so check them out!

I have also been informed by the editor that this story is going to be part of their sixth issue, due out in October 2015. So looking forward to that.

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  1. Widdershins says:

    Loved it. Chortled at the end! 🙂


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