The Playground of Lost Toys

Woohoo! Exile’s anthology The Playground of Lost Toys – in which, ahem, I have a story – has gone to press with a beautiful cover. Release date is December 1.  Can’t wait to read this one! Here is the blurb:

PLT Cover1“A dynamic collection of stories that explore the mystery, awe and dread that we may have felt as children when encountering a special toy. But it goes further, to the edges of space, where games are for keeps and where the mind plays its own games. We enter a world where the magic may not have been lost, where a toy plays for keeps or computers and gods vie for the upper hand.  Dolls, stuffed animals, wooden games of skill, ancient artifacts misinterpreted, and items that seek a life or even revenge; these lost toys and games bring tales of companionship, loss, revenge,  hope, murder, cunning, and love, to be unearthed in the sandbox.”

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3 Responses to The Playground of Lost Toys

  1. vfogg says:

    Congrats, Rati! That is a most intriguing blurb and cover. Looking forward to this!


  2. Rahul Seth says:

    Hi Rati, Congrats!!  Best wishes….just keep on keeping on.    — Rahul


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