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I’ve been focusing more on my novel this year – I’m at the 56K mark on my sequel! – and written rather less short fiction than last year. However, I’ve still gotten quite a few story acceptances in the last few months, along with the usual plethora of rejections. I’ll update my short fiction page by and by, but meanwhile, here is a list of publications I’m looking forward to in 2017, apart from the projects I’ve already blogged about:

Piety, Prayer, Peacekeeper, Apocalypse
A secondary-world fantasy that I loved ‘world-building’. Scheduled to be published and podcast by Podcastle early in 2017. This will be my second appearance in Podcastle – the first was a reprint (Hatyasin), and this one is an original!

Hackers’ Faire
Inspired by the amazing 2014 New York Makers’ Faire. It was the giant electronic giraffe that clinched it. I wandered the Faire in a daze, and in the months that followed, drew on that ‘sense of wonder’ to write my own version of a far-future Faire – with cats, cyborgs, and buskers mingling in a bombed-out space station. Scheduled for March 2017 in Cast of Wonders as part of the Artemis Rising call.

The Shadowed Forest
A far-future Dante allegory set in an Orwellian Toronto. Upcoming in COMPOSTELA (Tesseracts Twenty), edited by Spider Robinson and James Alan Gardner and scheduled for Spring 2017.

Children of the Sea
My first real climate fiction story, set in Senegal and written for The Goethe Glass, a  Climate Fiction anthology to be published by Exile in 2017.

Ghosts and memories haunt one of my darker stories. A family trip to scatter a mother’s ashes goes awry in more ways than one. Upcoming in Issue 3 of Shattered Prism in 2017. This will be my second appearance in this magazine – they also published All my Life like Glass in Issue 1.

The Bridge of Dangerous Longings
A science fantasy set in an alternative Indonesia, featuring a bridge with a secret. To be published in Fall 2017 in Where The Stars Rise, an anthology of Asian speculative fiction edited by Lucas Law & Derwin Mak.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the launch of Those Who Make us on Sunday, November 6. I’ll be joining many other wonderful writers in readings and talks about our stories in this anthology. Come and join us. It’s a free event!


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