Toronto Street Art

The other day, I was walking down Queen Street with my sister, who insisted on playing Pokémon Go the whole time. It was mildly annoying – I can’t abide games myself, and refuse to buy a smartphone (I know, I know, I’m a dinosaur). Anyway, the upside of this was that she kept ‘discovering’ the amazing murals that adorn the walls and shop fronts and alleys off Queen Street. Forced to slow down, and look, I too discovered them anew. And here are some pictures we took of that leisurely stroll. Thanks to all the artists who make our streets into walking art discoveries. And thanks to my lovely sis for making me slow down enough to appreciate them. Enjoy.

Creepy surreal skulls are my jam!

Creepy surreal skulls are my jam!

Girl in blue with Monalisa smile

Girl in blue with Monalisa smile



Giant sunflowers are also my jam!


Sea world in lavender, pink and green


Love how the door is part of it, transforming the entire structure.




Another of those psychedelic aqua-worlds.


TBH, I don’t know which end is which. Doesn’t matter. Looks crazy from all angles.


Fish! Or a submarine?

Fish! Or a submarine?

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4 Responses to Toronto Street Art

  1. Widdershins says:

    The detail is extraordinary. Not into the whole ‘Go!’ thing either, but apparently it’s getting people out and about. 🙂 … and taken pictures. 😀

  2. afthead says:

    These are great! Personally I am a “Go” player and got to see Austin, Texas in a whole new light because of the game. It’s amazing what public is out there if you know where to look. Thanks for the fun tour!

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