Happy Book Birthday to me!!!

My book Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove was released today! My gratitude to my editor Mara Delgado Sánchez, my agent Mary C. Moore, and the entire team at Wednesday Books for making this beautiful book possible. And a big thank you to all my early readers who reviewed this book on Goodreads, Netgalley, and various blogs. You rock! 😘 If possible, I’d love for you to leave a review on Amazon as well. Their algorithm only starts recommending books that hit 50 reviews/ratings, so it would be a big help!

Remember, if you’re in the GTA, I am doing an in-person book launch on 22 October, 12.30 pm, at Bakka-Phoenix Books in Toronto and you are most welcome to join. Invite here.

I leave you with this lovely picture of my perfect Fall beauty:

book in yellow leaves

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