It’s April and Spring is in the air! Despite falling to -7C two days ago, lol. That’s Toronto for you. But the birds are back! Spotted in the last week during my daily walk: starlings, robins, red-winged blackbirds, dark-eyed juncos, grackles, red cardinals, swallows, house finches, and geese. I love this time of year.

But the reason I’m posting today is because I have a beautiful map of Flower and Thorn to share. Many thanks to artist Sarah Macklin for this lovely rendering of my sketch! The map won’t be in the book itself, but I love maps in my fantasy, and I thought readers may like to be able to see where the action takes place.

Flower and Thorn lr1 map by Sarah M

Map for FLOWER AND THORN out 17 October 2023 via Wednesday Books. Artist: Sarah Macklin

The book is set in early sixteenth century India, in the Gujarat Sultanate, at the time of the Portuguese invasion. It follows the adventures of a young flower hunter as she tries to retrieve a priceless magical flower from falling into enemy hands. War, intrigue, romance, friendship, and betrayal galore! Also, one grumpy but loveable camel. At least, I love him, heh.

Does that strike your fancy? You can add the book on goodreads and/or pre-order!

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2 Responses to Map for FLOWER AND THORN

  1. Taylor says:

    How beautiful! I have a hard time keeping track of where places are, so maps are super helpful.

    And I for one cannot wait to meet the camel, lol.

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  2. Fantastic map! It’s really clear and I love the choice of font.

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