April Reads and Updates

April is the cruelest month, breeding
Germs in your flu-ridden house, mixing
Fatigue with fever, stirring
Sneezes with freezing rain.

I love The Waste Land. It lends itself so beautifully to parody. But there’s another reason I’ve been thinking of this poem lately. I am doing a re-read of The Dark Tower by Stephen King, and my favorite book in this series is the third, titled, like the poem it draws inspiration from, The Waste Lands. These are the books that first hooked me on the SFF genre and I love them very much. The overall series is inspired by yet another poem, Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came by Robert Browning. Highly recommended! Continue reading

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MAHIMATA Book Release Day

Today is the day! MAHIMATA, the sequel to MARKSWOMAN, is out in the world. The Asiana duology is complete. I am pleased and excited to share this story that I began so long ago. And also sad that it’s over. It is such a bittersweet feeling . Perhaps I have lived in the world of Asiana too long, and grown to love these characters too much. Thanks to all the readers who’ve taken this journey with me. Perhaps we will travel to Asiana again some day. Continue reading

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Sunny Pictures for Cold Times

Happy New Year 2019, everyone! I just returned to frigid Toronto after a warm and colorful visit to my hometown, Lucknow where the food was great, the sun bright, the air polluted, and the traffic crazy. I’ll just leave these pictures here, okay? It warms me to look at them, especially as the temperature in Toronto dipped to ridiculous extremes this weekend: a feel of -35 C with the wind chill. Well, here is some sunshine, street food, and the odd buffalo. Enjoy!  Continue reading

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Top Ten Reads of 2018

No year for me is complete without an enjoyable look back at my favorite reads. I just checked goodreads, and apparently I have read 71 books out of my modest goal of 40 for the year. Not bad for a busy year in which I launched my debut novel and edited a much-longer sequel, heh. I liked most of the books I read, so picking the top ten is a deeply difficult task. I decided: no more than one per author, and a sprinkling from different genres, although my reading skewed heavily to fantasy this year. Next year, I will in all likelihood read more science fiction, to balance it out. Continue reading

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Just to say that the ARCs of MAHIMATA have arrived, and they’re gorgeous! I am usually terrible with taking pictures, but with this cover I just could not go wrong. This photo is taken just outside the building where I live. Yes, we still have flowers in November in Toronto. Aren’t they pretty? Not as pretty as my book, heh.
Continue reading

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In my Craft or Sullen Art

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on the art and craft of writing. In fact, I’m not certain I’ve ever written such a post, and it’s been on my mind lately, especially after Can-Con last month – which, by the way, was awesome. I recommend attending this well-run, literary-focused convention if you can make it to Ottawa in October of any year.

So. There are a gazillion books and articles out there offering writing advice. I’m just listing a few things that have worked for me. Some of it might be of use to others, and some of it won’t. Everyone is different! This is not meant to be prescriptive by any means. In fact, my first piece of advice is to run from any advice that claims to be the one true way to do things, to guarantee you success of any sort. Continue reading

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Can-Con 2018, Ottawa

Next weekend is Can-Con, Ottawa’s annual conference on Canadian science fiction and fantasy. I’ve heard great things about this literary-focused convention, but it’s the first time I’m actually going, so I’m pretty excited! I’m in three very cool panels with very cool people and will also do a reading on Saturday. Not sure what I’m going to read yet. Maybe an excerpt from Mahimata, sequel of Markswoman, which is due out next March. Or maybe something completely different! Continue reading

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