Whale Watching and Puffin Love in Newfoundland

I just returned from a week-long trip to Newfoundland. My favorite province! You know what that means, right? I am going to inflict you with pictures. But first, a bit of news. While there, I found out that my story Hackers’ Faire published by Cast of Wonders last year has been shortlisted for the Sunburst Award in the short fiction category. Such an honor! And such fantastic company to find myself in. The story is free to read or to listen on the Cast of Wonders site. Continue reading

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Cover Reveal of MAHIMATA, sequel to MARKSWOMAN

I’ve been waiting to share the gorgeous cover of MAHIMATA, the sequel to  MARKSWOMAN! Just look at it – isn’t it beautiful? I honestly thought I could never love a cover as much as I did Markswoman’s, but then my editor sent me this one, and I just swooned. I have a little write-up about the cover and how I feel up at the Harper Voyager blog today – you can check it out here.

The inverted blade encircled by a ring of fire is the symbol of the Order of Kali – but on this cover, it is so much more. The world will go up in flames, it seems to be saying…

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Camping in the not-so-wild

Remind me again why I go camping. Yes, I know it’s a very Canadian thing to do, back-to-nature and all that. But really, from my point of view, nature is best enjoyed from the civilized shelter of a train, trundling sedately through the forest, giving the occasional glimpse of blue lake and black bear. For example, take the Budd car between Sudbury and White River. Just gorgeous and highly recommended! Seriously. Go travel on it before they shut it down like they’re shutting down all the trains in Canada. Continue reading

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April Blues (Def. not greens…)

April, and it’s been snowing. I know, I know – a long cold winter is only to be expected at these latitudes. Jet streams abound, polar air hangs around the city, and even  in April, when one perks up and starts expecting tulips and daffodils, one gets freezing temperatures instead. And snow. I was in the park the other day, because it was ‘partly sunny’, which meant that it clouded up as soon as I got there. Not a trace of tulips. Just cold gray everything. And freezing wind. Whine. Continue reading

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Markswoman Fan Art by Ava

Fan art is the greatest compliment a writer can get. I am so pleased and honored to share these lovely sketches by the talented young artist Ava. All are characters from my book Markswoman– the main character Kyra Veer, the Marksmen Rustan and Shurik, and – my favorite – the deadly Tamsyn, Mistress of Mental Arts of the Order of Kali. Thank you, Ava – you’ve really made my day! I enjoyed these very much. Continue reading

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February Reads and News

I have things to share! And I’d better share them right now before drowning in taxes. Yes, it’s that time of the year, which I hate most. Why do I have to waste my time doing these horrible, boring things? Oh, miserable me! But first, some good stuff that I’ve read lately.

My favorite read so far this year is actually a children’s book written in 1986 – Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, best known for the popular Chrestomanci series. It was made into an animated film in 2004 by Studio Ghibli. Continue reading

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Markswoman Book Release Day!

Happy Book Release Day to me! You can imagine me singing that to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’. It’s a dark and foggy Tuesday here in Toronto, and I have all kinds of tedious errands to run, but I’m doing them with a grin on my face. Fly, my pretty, fly!

I have an interview up at The Qwillery today in which I talk about my book, the characters, and my inspirations, in case you’re interested.

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