The 2019 Toronto Writing Workshop

Oh no, where did July go? The summer is flying by and I am Not Ready for autumn. Must eat more ice cream before September. Must take more walks. Must see Shakespeare in High Park. Must write more words…okay, scratch that last one. Summer is not great for productivity. Too many competing desires, mostly revolving around the weather. Continue reading

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Dasa Mahavidya – The Ten Great Wisdoms

I’m often asked about the inspiration behind my books Markswoman and Mahimata. The answer varies, because there are so many things that come to mind: the science fantasies I read as a teen; Star Trek, which aired weekly on our lone television channel and which the entire family watched, along with assorted friends and neighbors; the comics I borrowed from the local bookstore (they had a lending scheme, much more affordable than buying books.) Continue reading

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New Story up at Lightspeed Magazine

Story Day is always a happy day! Very pleased to announce a new short story publication This Way to Paradise at Lightspeed Magazine. You can read or listen to it for free – the audio narration is by Justine Eyre. I also answer some interesting questions for their Author Spotlight feature. Continue reading

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Lucifer, Dissected

I just finished the third season of Lucifer, and I have thoughts. I’m going to try to avoid spoilers here, but this post might not hold much interest for those who have not seen even a single episode of this ridiculous, entertaining, and surprisingly emotional drama. The premise is quirky: imagine the Biblical Heaven and Hell are real, and the devil, bored and rebellious, has abandoned his post as Lord of Hell and decamped to Earth – Los Angeles to be precise – to become a sleazy nightclub owner. Continue reading

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April Reads and Updates

April is the cruelest month, breeding
Germs in your flu-ridden house, mixing
Fatigue with fever, stirring
Sneezes with freezing rain.

I love The Waste Land. It lends itself so beautifully to parody. But there’s another reason I’ve been thinking of this poem lately. I am doing a re-read of The Dark Tower by Stephen King, and my favorite book in this series is the third, titled, like the poem it draws inspiration from, The Waste Lands. These are the books that first hooked me on the SFF genre and I love them very much. The overall series is inspired by yet another poem, Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came by Robert Browning. Highly recommended! Continue reading

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MAHIMATA Book Release Day

Today is the day! MAHIMATA, the sequel to MARKSWOMAN, is out in the world. The Asiana duology is complete. I am pleased and excited to share this story that I began so long ago. And also sad that it’s over. It is such a bittersweet feeling . Perhaps I have lived in the world of Asiana too long, and grown to love these characters too much. Thanks to all the readers who’ve taken this journey with me. Perhaps we will travel to Asiana again some day. Continue reading

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Sunny Pictures for Cold Times

Happy New Year 2019, everyone! I just returned to frigid Toronto after a warm and colorful visit to my hometown, Lucknow where the food was great, the sun bright, the air polluted, and the traffic crazy. I’ll just leave these pictures here, okay? It warms me to look at them, especially as the temperature in Toronto dipped to ridiculous extremes this weekend: a feel of -35 C with the wind chill. Well, here is some sunshine, street food, and the odd buffalo. Enjoy!  Continue reading

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