Looking back, and looking ahead

Okay, this is my last post of the year, I promise. I like to do a writerly round-up of all that I have written and published, but this has been the year of the NOVEL, and I can talk of very little else. Markswoman, the book I started writing eight years ago, will be out next month (gulp). I spent much of the year revising and editing Markswoman, and madly writing the 120k sequel. No doubt, much of next year will be spent revising said sequel. Continue reading

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A White Christmas in my Hometown

We have a white Christmas in Lucknow, by which I mean fog blankets the city. Lucknow might be only 0.58% Christian, but the malls are filled with Santas and tall, tottering Christmas trees. Christchurch is beautifully lit up, and just about every store has tacky little Santa decorations and balloons. Continue reading

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Goodbye December

Today it struck me that I have a book coming out next month (yay!) and I haven’t revamped my website since 2013. Published writers tend to have more professional-looking websites, no? The landing page is usually a static page with nice pictures of their novels and the links to buy them. I was convinced for around two hours that I simply had to change the look of my website. Continue reading

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Join me at SFContario, Toronto

A (hopefully) exciting weekend coming up! I will be SFContario, Toronto’s annual SF/F convention. The full schedule is here. I will be reading from my upcoming book Markswoman on Saturday afternoon, and I will have (yay!) bookmarks to give away. I’ve never traveled for conventions (though that may change next year) so this is my annual opportunity to geek out with like-minded folk about aliens, magic, books, and science-y stuff. Continue reading

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November Reads and Reviews

November. That time of year when the days get short, the evenings long and dark. Perfect for cuddling up with a good book! Or several good books. So here is a small selection of my recent reads to tickle your fancy. Continue reading

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Stories, Launches, and More

In the Woods, My Voice is my latest publication, a short story which is now live in the October issue of Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show. You can read it or listen to an audio version narrated by the amazing Alethea Kontis (if you are a subscriber). To say I’m pleased is an understatement. This is my first publication in IGMS, and I’m delighted my story is the audio selection of the issue. Alethea’s done a wonderful job of narrating it. I especially love her “Grandma” voice. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I remember, so clearly, the first time I articulated the desire to be a science fiction / fantasy writer. I was in Grade 6, and the question had been put to us by our pretty, young, and sometimes-strict teacher Ms. Naher. I really liked her. I think we all did. I’m quite sure I used to act out for attention in class. I was always trying to impress her, or make her laugh. Continue reading

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